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Filtering systems

Clean oil is an essential requirement to keep production machines running smoothly. Unfortunately, all hydraulic and lubricating systems in production conditions are continually subject to dirt build-up.

Dirt is the cause of 80% of all oil related malfunctioning and breakdowns. All hydraulic and lubrication systems usually have a full flow filter. However the full flow filter is not able to filter the smallest particles. A by-pass or an off-line filter works with a small flow and small pressure drop over the filter and can catch also the smallest particles. Some filter types can also absorb water from oil. The typical flow through a by-pass or an off-line filter is 1,0 - 12 lpm and the appropriate viscosity in working temperature is 5 – 220 cSt.

See below the by-pass and off-line filtering circuit diagrams. You can get remarkable savings in the total machine costs with a little investment of installing a by-pass or an off-line filter in your system.

Centrifuge oil cleaning systems

Centrifuge oil cleaning systems are similar with the by-pass or off-line filtering systems but the filter is replaced with a centrifuge oil cleaner. Centrifuges clean oil by generating centrifugal force up to 2,000 greater than gravity. It is this force that separates solid contaminants from the oil. This technology has been proven to remove contaminants down to a sub-micron size.

Centrifuge oil cleaners are often used for cleaning diesel engine lubrication oil, but centrifuge oil cleaners can be used also in other lubrication and hydraulic oil systems. Centrifuge oil cleaners are a good choice for systems in demanding environment as they can catch large amount of solid contaminants from oil without high maintenance costs. The typical flow through a centrifuge oil cleaner is 8 - 70 lpm and the appropriate viscosity in working temperature is 10 - 100 cSt.

For installing centrifuge oil cleaners there are some special requirements: Oil from return connection must run free to reservoir and the centrifuge must be assembled in vertical position. If the return pipe is longer and of smaller diameter, it is possible to use centrifuge models with a pressure air connection. Pressure air maintains the air space in the centrifuge and forces the return oil to flow to the reservoir.

We can deliver centrifuges, stationary centrifuge oil cleaning units and portable centrifuge oil cleaning units.

FM090-LCB centrifuge with assembly and service accessories

FM090-LCB centrifuge
Oil flow 8 lpm
In and out connection 1/2 NPT
Pressure air connection 1/4 NPT


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